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“Elia is a phenomenal advisor and coach. I have done so much public speaking in my career, but I have never worked with a public speaking expert in preparation for a big speech. I was blown away by her insights, practical skills and recommendations. She also does a phenomenal job breaking down all the feedback to significantly improve the outcome. I did meet her a few times in person, but I think she does a great job coaching and teaching on Zoom as well. Any exec would be very lucky to have her expertise."

Mandy Ginsberg

CEO of Group

“I attended Elia's 2-day Workshop on Public Speaking Skills at the European University Institute -- without any doubt, a top notch learning experience! Elia was extremely well prepared, fun to work with, and she spent considerable time on one-to-one feedback throughout the workshop. She drew from her public speaking professional experience, acting career, and personal experience to deliver a high-level, high impact training. I personally feel that I learned an immense amount and would definitely want to work with Elia again! I strongly recommend her classes."

Massimiliano Santini

Senior Economist, The World Bank

“I had the absolute pleasure of being in Elia’s class at The European school of Economics (Florence). Before joining Elia’s class I had the misconception that I did not need a class on Public speaking. I opted for her class by chance and I couldn’t have been more elated with this choice. Elia is a master of the art of personal (self) improvement and she makes everyone record the process every step of the way through videos and photos. By the end of the term, I had recorded evidence of the immense changes my confidence, speech and posture had gone through for the better."

Vandana Pathak

Public Relations Professional,

“Elia is an outstanding communication coach. She has not only supported me on various challenges but she has been able to understand my business background, to capture the key elements of the challenge and to steer my performance in the right direction. Everyone who works with the media, who needs to pass a job interview or is eager to improve communication skills will not have a marginal improvement working with Elia but a radical one. "

Guido Clary

Head of Regional Hub for North Africa and the Near East, European Investment Bank

“Elia is absolutely phenomenal- what I appreciate most about Elia is not only her effective, distinctive, and empathetic coaching style but her impressive acting and technical theater background that equips her with so many more tools in her toolbox and insights than the typical speech coach to support her clients. She helped transform my public speaking in my articulation, pitch range, and tempo- I literally would have never been aware of my deficits as a speaker and have a route to improvement if it wasn't for her incredible coaching. I LOVE working with Elia!"

Dr. Renee St Jacques

TEDx Speaker, Psychologist & Certified Executive Coach (PCC) for Microsoft

“Elia is a masterful and compelling speech coach. She gets down into the trenches with you to bring out the best of your talents. Her dedication to helping you take your coaching to the next level is beyond anything I have ever experience. I am beyond thankful for her unwavering support to get my speaking skills to the level needed to be a professional and captivating speaker."

Terry Sidford

Keynote Speaker – Coach – Author

“Elia è una persona di elevato profilo professionale, culturale e umano. Ha grandi capacità comunicative, e riesce a trasmettere energia positiva durante le sue interazioni con il cliente o nell’ambito di un gruppo di lavoro, nell’ambito del quale evidenzia innate doti di leadership e mediazione. E’ sicuramente una persona affidabile e puntuale."

Pierpaolo Chelo

International Trade and Marketing project manager PromoFirenze (Intl. Agency of the Florence Chamber of Commerce)

“I had the pleasure to take part in a two-day workshop on public speaking delivered by Elia at the European University Institute in Florence. I can firmly assert that this was a life-changing experience that trained me to control my anxiety so as to give the best of me when speaking in front of an audience. I have tried to apply all the tips and tricks that Elia gave me and I have even passed them on to colleagues that were feeling stressed or nervous before giving a public talk. It worked every time!"

Claudia Badulescu

Researcher, European University Institute

“I learned so much from Elia's interview workshops and public speaking lessons. A few weeks after finishing Elia’s training, I applied for two internships and I was offered both of the positions I applied for! In addition, people close to me said they saw a major change in my articulation, projection, and the overall way in which I carry myself. I know that I owe most of the improvements that I made to Elia. She is the reason that I have become more collected and mature."

Katherine Conlin

Director, Integrated Marketing, Paramount

“Elia conducted several group public speaking courses within Menarini and the feedback across the teams was superb. She not only knew her audience well, but also delivered an impeccable connection with each of us, coaching and providing individual feedback that without a doubt was engaging and useful for all. Her technical abilities coupled with her enthusiasm and contagious positive energy geared all participants to progress with motivation while learning, and for some stepping out of their comfort zones and reaching higher professional communication levels. Bravo, Elia! I look forward to the next one!"

Maria Sala

Global Corporate Director BD&L Discovery and Development at Menarini Pharmaceuticals

“It was a great pleasure to be in this wonderful workshop with Elia. I want to say a huge thanks to her. I think I can speak for all of us that she has given us a life changing experience."

Zheng Wang

Economist, European University Institute

“I am so thankful to Elia for all that she taught me. I still have much work to do, but what I know because of this class has changed my life forever. Instead of being a lazy-sounding hunchback, I am now a confident and aware person! I can never thank Elia enough for the gift she has given me. "

Rebecca Niner

Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor, ANCHORED HOPE THERAPY

“I had the chance to take part in a public speaking training led by Elia. She has all the necessary know-how, practical experience, personal energy and individualized attention to help beginners and advanced speakers alike. And it was lots of fun!"

Tomas Jungwirth

Founder & Head of The Climate Team

“Elia Nichols played an instrumental role in preparing me for a high-profile criminal legal proceeding where I represented the family of a female victim of a murder. I had the privilege of working with Elia while I was working as the lawyer in a case that demanded not only a strong command of legal arguments but also an ability to effectively communicate those arguments to a diverse audience of judge and jury members. I knew that presenting a compelling narrative and connecting with them on an emotional and psychological level would be paramount to my success in the case. I also knew I’d be getting a great deal of attention from the media, which increased the pressure twofold. Elia Nichols brilliantly employed targeted public speaking exercises to equip me with the skills necessary to captivate the attention of the jury and sway them emotionally and psychologically. The exercises focused on voice modulation, tonal variations, word choice, and body language, which collectively created a mesmerizing and persuasive courtroom performance. Under Elia Nichols' guidance, I underwent a transformation in my public speaking abilities. The exercises not only refined my vocal delivery but also provided me with the tools to harness the emotional power of my arguments. Elia Nichols' profound understanding of effective communication techniques, coupled with her unwavering commitment to my growth, elevated my skills to levels I had not imagined possible. I firmly believe that Elia Nichols' coaching had a key role in me securing a verdict that ultimately led to a 30-year conviction for the accused party. I wholeheartedly endorse Elia Nichols for any endeavor that requires exceptional public speaking prowess, especially in emotionally charged and high-stakes situations. Her impact on my ability to communicate effectively and persuasively cannot be overstated."

Michele Capecchi

Attorney, Managing Partner at Studio Legale Capecchi, International Legal Practice

“Elia is a gifted teacher and coach who gives attention, guidance, advice and feedback in preparing students to go out in the world and present their best selves to the world. She does this with an infectious energy that inspires. Thank you, Elia!"

Vanessa Nichol-Peters

Director of Marist University, Italy

“I was very lucky to have Elia by my side as a speaking coach for TEDxFiesole 2022. Her expertise, positive energy and passion enabled me both to create and deliver a persuasive speech in a way I could not have dreamed of. Thank you for your tireless efforts and valuable support, from the very beginning until the (literally!) very last minute, dear Elia! You are an inspiration to those who are fortunate to work with you and I hope our paths cross again soon!"

Rebecca Bregant

IT Consultant | Sustainability Entrepreneur | CMO | TEDx Speaker

“Elia è l’immagine della spontaneità e la sua capacità di trasferire i principi dell’efficacia comunicazionale, anche nel difficile percorso del ‘remoto’, fa leva su questo naturale talento. A ciò si aggiunge una grandissima carica emotiva ed una costante energia che sostengono i suoi interventi formativi senza soluzione di continuità. Desidero lasciare per ultimo, perché è ovvio, un commento sulla preparazione tecnica e professionale: anni di esperienza nel cinema e nel teatro si fondono con una incessante ricerca di innovazione e di studio continuo. Ho partecipato ad una sessione di alcuni giorni sulla comunicazione efficace da distanza e mi ritrovo cambiato e rafforzato perché ho acquisito maggior consapevolezza dei miei errori e delle mie capacità di superarli."

Marcello Frigerio

Director of Syneos Health Italy and Germany

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